Thursday, 27 October 2016


Yesterday, I revisited the mesmerizing scenes of PK movie & the mind centralized around the whole plot. A scene where Amir Khan urges about the stamp, of belonging to a particular religion, on your body. Wearing burkah & having a longer beard with no mustache, if makes you Muslim, I am a little bit helpful to those poor rich personalities who are denied to become the passengers at the airports, by giving them an idea of having a cross sign medal chain around your neck & tell the authorities that though you were born Muslims, brought up by parents as Muslim, but the God recently visited you in your dreams & has advised you to convert into Christian. Since it was the God’s wish, you followed it & now you are Christian with a name of Muslim….!!! I hope, you would be allowed to enjoy your whole aviation trip.

We envisage the things by appearance. Our eyes react first, then our mind. Rest sense organs have trifle task of saluting the majesty of eyes. When eyes are proved wrong by merely analyzing the appearance, ears have the greater responsibilities of confirming.

I don’t move on to movies’ talk. Let me narrate my personal experience. Today, while on checking the correctness  of different processes on shop floor, a thought struck in my mind. What would happen if you remove that black strip from a blue can?? A material which has the qualities of TWINTO will fall under the category of normal running material & will lose its true value. Nobody will dare to check it at all. For the ease of processes, for the ease of concerned as well as involved persons, we deliberately choose segregation. This is how we run different processes at single shop floor. A lively & lovely example of unity in diversity.

Pollywood has a great talent. Punjabi albums are really the finest works of talented persons. They can pick a single word, & can write a beautiful heart-touching lyrics, can sing it in soother voice & manner.

What I am going here to do is just making a good recipe by having full contributions & perfect proportions of above mentioned experiences.

Have you ever thought that what would have happened if there were only one religion? Only one country? Only one animal?  Only one language? Only one planet? Only one God? I am proud to be an Indian. India has allowed the equal freedom to every religion & it respected every religion equal. A hindu can  get leave on Deewali, as well as on Eid, on Chirstmas, on Guru Nanak Jayanti, on Mahavir Jayanti… When you enjoy a holiday on Eid, do you think that you are having this holiday only because there are Muslims in your country or when you enjoy a holiday on Christmas, has any thought been blown in your mind that you should be thankful to Christians those are living in your country for this holiday…….??? I think more than 90% people skip this thought.

If there were Hindus alone, you have got only one holiday, not these 5. If there was only one country, how would the quantitative evaluation & value of dowry be increased? My son is in foreign, the dowry becomes double at the proof of this single statement. There would be no army…. No wars…. No history….. unemployment which might be outcome of no army…. If there was only one country, 90% history would have been reduced….!!!! An average student, like me, then had qualified the exams of IAS…..

Only cow---the new National Political Animal---had lost its value…!! Either you had never seen beef or you had never given the tag of Gau mata to this poor animal….??
You have made Pakistan from india, Bangladesh from India… But what’s about 7 continents…?? Humans have not made those…. Species of animals, birds, insects….. humans have not made those. Planets, galaxies are innumerous. Humans have not made those. Black & white colors of humans… humans have not made that….. a body itself has not a single color…. Hair-black, skin-white, blood-red, bones-white…

To continue the series of births & this universe, God himself has made 2 sexes. Humans have not made those.
Neither it’s we who have segregated the world in true senses, nor it’s we who only think segregation is the best way of survival of not only of self, but of this universe also. Until you wouldn’t divide the things, you can never make boundaries. Without boundaries, there will be no limits. Without limits, no standards… without standards, you can only vegetate.

 The desire of tagged beautifully as "unique" sometimes drives and compels most of us to work differently and audaciously. If you make the sets on the basis of innumerable grounds, you'll surely fall as the subset or a member in most of those. I used the word innumerable because if you think that you are one of the value falling under 100 types of sets, you may not know that you are also the value of atleast 1000 more types of sets, which you can not imagine despite using your mind 100% efficiency X whole life. 

What are the efforts made by cow  to become such a talking and debating point of 125 crore natives' country.....?? An animal, who understands none of the languages except mute love, has fitted itself in the category of uniqueness without any effort. 

Pollywood when writes the lyrics, they isolate that word, make it fall under the category of uniqueness, record the vision of that from that platform, use that vision and captives to drill inside it (that word), again communicate with those visions, share an invisible bond, disconnect all bonds, mark the spectrogram with that emptiness, then use that spectrogram to write the lyrics. 

The common thing between all these is isolation & then join the uniqueness

I am a little bit worried when some verbal/spiritual philanthropists advocate the fraternity by covering and concealing the diversity by the blanket of a single word "human" to 750 crore people. This is because then you are mere a living creature focusing on a collection of all alike individuals instead of the discovery of self. When we think about human (the whole earth), we expand our boundaries upto the limits which neither can be seen, nor can be covered. When you choose "Hinduism" (let a country), you can clearly see boundaries and the division. Yet, those boundaries are covering the territory whose boundaries can be traveled in that much of time in which you may give-up the idea to travel. Again, when you contract yourself to "Bramhan" (let a state), boundaries can be seen, can be covered, but the rush is so high, that environment is polluted. Again you contract, this time of "Mishra" (let a district), everything is cool, but you are just a living creature whose face even can't be remembered by that locality tagged as "Mishras". You kept on shrinking, and finally reached to room, where there are only 2 people. Now, though you have identified and segregated yourself so much that you can give an address of yourself. Between two people, only comparison can be made, not the study. So, you expelled that room-mate too. Now, you are completely isolated. The TV of that room is also isolated, the walls are isolated, every commodity is isolated like you in this world. What next...?? Finding how and why are you different amongst all those isolated items. This is called discovering uniqueness. Being unique is very easy and require no serious attempt except the first step-isolation. Isolation means finding yourself at a place the address of which is so clear and loud that you can not be identified by the face, but only by the personality. For this isolation, don't start keeping away yourself by physical or mental efforts by running. Just divide the world upto so much for yourself that the boundaries shrink upto the limit which cover a territory-the size of which is not the question, but depending upon your convenience with the only aim and answer-isolation.

Until you have not discovered the uniqueness for you, you can't see the others by the eyes of uniqueness. In that case, you would only judge the others by following the segregation. Again, you eyes would be cheated and the task for other sense organs would be so complex that mind will never achieve peace.  

Segregation is beautiful, but not enough to achieve either isolation or uniqueness. Sets overlap partially or fully, but don't let yourself to wander in that overlapping. Just isolate yourself from every set, grope the uniqueness, centralize it and then create your own ripples, control the magnitude, range and intensity of those ripples to join all those sets to whom you consider you belong to. But remember, let the ripples only, not the center of origin of those ripples. 

So, next time, when somebody tells you something, which you seem, is the work of categorizing you, don't get your mind heating up, but just smile and say thank to that person for making you discovering a new shrinking boundary and closer to isolation.......

---The DEMON